Revolting Books is shutting down

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Sadly Revolting Books is winding down and will be closed from 1 December 2015. We have been short both of librarians and  library users for quite some time now, and we feel unable to continue with the project. Many of the books have been returned to the donors. A residual collection will remain at 128 Abel Smith Street for the use of visitors, but this will no longer be a lending collection.

Exciting new arrivals at Revolting Books!

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The Kate Sharpley Library has kindly donated two new books. The first is “Sasha and Emma: the anarchist odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman” by the late anarchist historian Paul Avrich. It promises to be a fascinating read about the equally fascinating lives of Goldman and Berkman and a great insight into anarchism in late 19th and early 20th century America. I’d love to borrow it, but I am trying to stop myself so that other people have a chance first
I’ve already read the second donation – Jared Davidson’s Sewing Freedom : Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand anarchism. This is a very interesting look at early 20th century anarchism in Aotearoa and Wellington in particular through the life of the Latvian-born tailor Philip Josephs, who founded the Wellington Freedom group.

Check these out at Revolting Books, we’re currently open Tues and Thursday evenings!


Revolting Books Little Anarchist Library Birthday Party postponed

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Sorry, we have to postpone the advertised party, but later this year we will definitely be holding a celebration of  eight years of anarchist books, reading, and black cardigans …

Please watch this space for updates!

revolting books at Zinefest this Saturday!

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Come visit the Revolting Books stall at Wellington Zinefest, the afternoon of Saturday 17 Nov @ Mighty Mighty.  We will be selling some great radical zines, plus some of our best zines from our collection will be available for you to borrow.  All you need to do is be a member, or sign up as a member on the day, and these zines are yours to take home and read.  We have also produced our second issue of “The Revolution Will Be Catalogued” zine, which comes with a patch or bookmark of your choice!!  Be quick, there are only 15 copies of the zine up for grabs!

See you tomorrow @ Mighty Mighty!


New zine additions

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Kia ora radical library goers,


We have the latest issue of Adbusters available to borrow from Revolting Books – (or come in and read), as well as two zines I brought back from Germany.  The first, Lockdown: prison, repression and gender nonconformity explores strategies of segregation in prisons, and dealing with the division of gender through a binary on a daily basis, when you do not subscribe to this narrow form of identification.  It looks at coping strategies for those who find themselves in these helpless and undignified situations.  The second, Hamburger vs. Value is an account of working in a hamburger restaurant, the working conditions, coping strategies, and subversion.

Also, Wellington zinefest is coming up next month (Nov 17), and we are planning to have a revolting books stall!  Should be hella fun.

books wanted

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Kia ora!  An awesome way to contribute to our library is to donate radical books to our collection.  Check out our “books wanted” page for books on our wishlist that we would love to acquire, otherwise feel free to donate any books you feel are appropriate for our collection.  Many thanks.

This week’s book reviews

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This week in the book reviews page we review:

Mihipeka: The early years, by Mihipeka Edwards